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Included here are a few of the offsite links that Cupola Consulting has found useful or entertaining.  Maybe you will too.

General Reference / General Computing / Autocad Resources / Fun Links

General Reference:

M. Harden's Artchive home page.  An impressive collection of the works of notable artists throughout the ages.  The Artchive section offers an alphabetical listing of the artists and their works.  Site also has sections for art theory and criticism and special exhibitions.  An excellent resource, loaded with information and pictures.

The American Memories Project.  An impressive photographic database covering a broad range of American subjects, including a huge collection of historic architectural drawings and building images.  Statistical information and profiles of thousands of U.S. cities.

Chuck LaChiusa's Illustrated Architectural Dictionary.  A great resource, with excellent examples taken from historic buildings in Buffalo, New York.  Part of the his Buffalo Architecture and History website.

The Vitruvio website.† An architectural webguide that focuses on architectural history, theory, and design.† Offers a pretty comprehensive list of famous architects from all over the world (living or dead), incorporating relevant links when available.  Swiss based site written in Italian.  Most of the inner pages feature a handy translation tool that works well.

The - Great Books Online website.  Offers an impressive online library of literary classics and reference books.  Titles include: Agamemnon, Aesop's Fables, Bartlett's Familiar Quotations from 1919, Emily Post's Etiquette, the King James Bible, Niccolo Machiavelli's The Prince, George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion, Robertís Rules of Order Revised, Roget's II Thesaurus, The World Fact Book, and many other distinguished works.

The OneLook Dictionaries website.  Provides powerful single word searches across hundreds of online dictionaries.  Better than having an unabridged dictionary at your fingertips.

The Urban Legends Reference Pages.  This site identifies popular stories that are often believed as strange but true, and analyzes them.

General Computing:

Broadband Reports.  All about high speed internet services: general info, ISP reviews, speed tests, and more.

CNet.  Catering to technology consumers, this site offers tech product reviews, news, and prices, as well as free downloads and tech industry newsletters.

Gibson Research Corporation.  A reputable software utility company that offers, among other handy computer utilities, a useful (and free) Internet security checkup service called "Shields Up".

Microsoft Corporation.  The software powerhouse.  Love it or hate it, Microsoft does offer one of the most extensive software support sites on the net.  Plenty of free goodies available there too.

Symantec Corporation's Security Response website.  A good source of information regarding virus, worm, and other computer security threats, from the company who puts out Norton Antivirus.  Offers free removal tools for some of the most common malware infections, but the skills of an experienced computer support person may still be required to ensure that the system is really malware free.

WebHostingTalk.  An online discussion forum that focuses on webhosting and website administration.

Autocad Resources:

Autodesk.  The company behind Autocad, 3D Studio, Architectural Desktop, Revit, and other graphic programs.

The AUGI (Autodesk User Group International) website.  The user organization officially sanctioned by Autodesk for its products.

The Autodsys website (formerly ArchT).  Makers of AcceliARCH, an architectural add-on package for Autocad (and Intellicad).  A welcome and less expensive alternative to Autodesk's Autocad Architecture (formerly Architectural Desktop).  Some of its competitors in the AEC market are: ArchSoft, from Canadian based Grove Technologies; and CadPLUS Total AE/FM System, from National MultiTech LTD.

The Cadalyst Magazine website.  An Autocad oriented magazine.

CAD Corner.  Helpful Autocad community resource offering free blocks, details, lisp routines, text styles, hatch patterns, and user forums.  Also noteworthy for its Autocad F.A.Q. and tutorial sections.  From our Canadian neighbors, Mike Good and Allan.

CadTutor website.  Offers free online tutorials on Autocad and tips on selected web building and digital design programs.  Well written, really a treasure trove of information for almost anyone wanting to sharpen their Autocad skills.  Don't be turned away by tutorials written for older versions of Autocad.  They very much apply to recent versions as well.  The site also features a small Autocad image bank, a user forum, cadd and other program resources, and more.  By David Watson.

The SignatureCAD site.  Latest developers of Squiggle, a program that creates hand-drawn looking illustrations out of Autocad files.

Fun Links:

Our sister site, Cupola.  An eclectic, entertaining, and educational website celebrating cupolas, architecture, art, and picturesque landscapes. Also features a cupola FAQ, state capitol building histories, wordplay, and a fine collection of well maintained architecture, art, and Autocad related links.

Samuel Stoddard's Brain Food site.  Offers word, number, and logic puzzles that will keep your brain cells well nourished.

The Enchanted Gardens of the Renaissance.  Marvelous annotated tours through three of Italy's most incredible gardens.  Not quite like being there, but they'll probably inspire you to plan a visit someday.  This is part of the Jacques-Edouard Berger Foundation's excellent World Art Treasures website.

The Internet Movie Database.  Reviews of over 300,000 movies, including ones coming and recently released.

Chuck Shepherd's News of the Weird.  Official site of the syndicated news column that covers a few of the stranger news stories each week.  A lighthearted catalog of made-up and unconventional words and phrases.  You can even submit your own for possible inclusion.


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